All bulk bags are made to order exactly according to the specific requirements of each customer.


The basic shape of the FIBC is a square or rectangular base ranging from 50 cm to 125 cm. FIBC height from 45 cm to 250 cm depending on the dimension of the base.


A classic bag consists of four sides and a bottom as standard. Both the construction of the seams and the presence or absence of the so-called internal structure, which ensures that the shape of the bag is maintained even when filled, have an effect on the strength and properties of the structure.


We mainly produce four-point bags (A1 or A2).

Filling and discharging

The bags are modular and it is difficult to combine different designs of the filling and discharging parts of the bag.


The bags are made from polypropylene materials that ensure 100% recyclability and do not cause soil contamination. (In the combustion process, where the temperature is higher than 500°C, PP decomposes into CO2 and H2O.)

Carrying capacity

As standard, the bags are designed for a load capacity from 500 to 2000 kg with safety coefficients of 5:1 or 6:1.


For fabric printing, water-dilutable, harmless colors according to PANTONE RAL swatches are used.

Document pocket

A bag can be sewn or glued to the bag to insert information about the filled material. Bags in A5 – A3 formats are available.


The fabric is always basic, i.e. white. The color distinction of the bags can be achieved by using a different color of the loops and sewing threads in the seams.