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Storage silo

It is a light, flexible package made of polypropylene conductive fabric used to store and dispense a wide range of loose materials in the form of granules, pellets, crumbs and other products. It is delivered to measure according to the customer's request, it is purely a custom production.

Storage silos are used in households as storage for wood pellets, in the food industry, in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, in construction and in agriculture.


- packaging material

- transport

- storage and dosing of bulk materials and raw materials, especially for the food industry

- pharmaceutical and chemical industry

- construction and agriculture

We will design the silo exactly according to the needs and requirements of the customer. Each customer has a specific silo construction, so it is not possible to standardize this product.

Storage silos made of polypropylene fabrics can be used without harmful effects on the environment. Used silos can be landfilled, incinerated (CO2 and H2O are released at temperatures above 500°C) or fully recycled.

We offer up to three-color printing of forces in healthy colors

It is possible to sew or stick a bag on the silo to insert information about the filled product.

Each silo is marked with a tag with basic product data, which will allow each silo to be traced back to individual production operations.

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