How we produce big bags

Progressive, flexible packing material from polypropylene fabric delivered reliably and on time.

Use: packaging, transport, storage and handling of powdered and liquid materials and raw materials for the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries, as well as construction and agriculture.

In-house development and testing

Our development and sales departments work hand in hand to provide you with the solutions you need. A great amount of attention is placed on inspection and testing, at every level. CONROP, s.r.o. has installed modern equipment to guarantee constant monitoring and testing of straps, fabric, sewing threads, and completed big bags. The conductive characteristics of the components and big bags are also tested, as well as the strength of the thread from our extruders. CONROP, s.r.o. conducts complete big bag testing in accordance with EFIBCA norms, and with "Orange book" norms for big bags with the UN code. CONROP, s.r.o. is the holder of an ISO 9001 certificate issued by certification body VVUÚ, a.s., Ostrava-Radvanice. 

The basic designs of flexible intermediate bulk containers (big ags) were tested and certified by accredited test laboratories as VVUÚ, a.s. Ostrava - Radvanice, Labordata Testing Institute Germany, LNE France or CIMTO, s.p., Prague.
Since 2006, CONROP, s.r.o. makes use of its in-house accredited test laboratory and provides for certification of big bags for non-dangerous materials in cooperation with the certification body VVUÚ, a.s., Ostrava-Radvanice.

Certification of sanitary safety of big bags


CONROP, s.r.o. holds a certificate for big bags issued by the certification body ITC, a.s., Zlín for conformity with the following requirements:
- Commission Directive 2002/72/EC of 6 August 2002 relating to plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs, as subsequently amended,
- Decree of the Ministry of Health No. 38/2001 Coll. on hygienic requirements for products intended to come into contact with foodstuffs and dishes, as subsequently amended,
- limiting values of concentration levels of lead, cadmium, mercury and hexavalent chromium according to Article 11 of European Parliament and Council Directive No. 94/62/EEC on packaging and packaging waste.

Extra Clean Production


FIBC big bags are certified as not harmful to health and fulfil EN 90 128/EEC from 1990. The carefully dust-proofed big bag seams protect the goods from being damaged. Hygienic production is guaranteed for use in the pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries, and in other fields where absolute cleanliness is a priority. The entire production process, from input material to the packaging of the completed big bags, follows the company's stringent cleanliness requirements. Our workers wear hygienic clothing, including shoes and head-covering, and they receive special education and training. Particles of hair, fibre or thread are eliminated. Even scattered metal particles, from broken needles or conductive fibres, can be detected. All of the components used in the production and finishing of big bags are cuted by ultrasound - fibres, thread ends, seams, cords. The big bags and the individual components never come into contact with the floor.

100% recyclable


Big bags made of polypropylene fabric can be used without causing any harm to the environment. Used  big bags can be stored, burned (at temperatures above 500°C, CO2 and H2O are released), or completely recycled. For big bags that were filled with dangerous materials, there is a different process. Contact the company that filled the bags. 


Big bags are produced from polypropylene materials

  • Uncoated - permeable to air fabric
  • Coated – non-permeable to air fabric. It protects the product against air humidity and external pollution and prevents the outflow of very fine materials.
  • conductive fabrics - see electrostatic bags


Bases can be square or rectangular.
Side length range from 50 to 120 cm.
Heights can be up to 245 cm depending on the dimensions of the base. 

Stacking possibility: i.e. specific types can be stacked up to four layers high

Printing: we are able to offer three-colour, environmentally friendly big bags printing. 

Traceability: each big bag is labelled with the basic production information, allowing the backwards monitoring of each bag at every step of production. 

Document pocket : it is possible to sew or glue documentation pockets on to the big bags, in order to provide information about the contents within. They are available in a wide variety of sizes.